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Chocolate-Chic Cookies

Who said you can't have your cake and eat it? So here's a healthy twist for a sweet tooth fix. Using chickpeas and a few pantry staples try these delicious chic-a-liscious chocolate cookies or enjoy the cookie dough itself. Must admit most of the times the cookies don't even make it to the oven, the cookie dough gets wiped out. So presenting my favorite Chickpea- chocolate chip cookies, you gotta trust me on this one, just try it out!


  • Cooked Chickpeas (no salt) -1.5 cups cooked, cooled, drained and rinsed throughly

  • Gluten-Free Oat Flour or Almond Flour- 1/2 cup

  • Brown Sugar/Coconut Sugar-3-4 tbsp

  • Maple syrup-3 tbsp

  • Baking Soda-1/2 tsp (omit this if you are going to eat as dough)

  • Salt-1/4th tsp

  • Vanila Extract -1 tbsp

  • Coconut oil-3 tbsp

  • Dairy free dark Chocolate chips- 1/2-3/4th cup

  • Cocoa powder (optional)-2 tbsp

  • Cinnamon ground (optional) - 1 tsp


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

  2. In a bowl mix together dry ingredients-oat or almond flour, baking soda, salt and coconut/brown sugar.

  3. In a food processor add the drained & rinsed chickpeas, vanilla extract, melted coconut oil, maple syrup, cocoa powder (optional), cinnamon (optional) and process the ingredients until mixed.

  4. Add the dry ingredients-oat or almond flour, baking soda, salt and coconut/brown sugar- with the blade running until everything is mixed and a smooth dough forms.

  5. Add chocolate chips and pulse for 2-3 times so that the chocolate chips are folded in. Using a small scoop or a round tbsp drop mounds on a lined baking sheet or a cookie tray. Press the dough on to the sheet to flatten as it won't spread like traditional cookies.

  6. Bake for 15-18 mins and leave to cool for 10 mins. These cookies are delicious with a dollop of vegan vanilla ice cream!

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